Our Curriculum Structure

Learning at Little Adventurers

We provide a welcoming, calm and learning enriched environment. We want everyone to feel happy, safe and empowered to learn. Through our nurturing environment, children develop confidence, independence and resilience. We value and encourage home involvement in children’s learning. Above all we wish nursery life to be relevant, interactive and exciting.

Long term wishes for our children 

  1. I am resilient and I love to play and explore
  2. I am confident to try new things. I can communicate in my own way, listen to and follow instructions or routines.
  3. I can work with my friends.
  4. I can put my coat on and recognise my belongings
  5. I can go to the toilet and wash my own hands

Termly planning for our children 

Autumn term:  My Senses  (Taste, Touch, Sight, Smell, Sound)

Spring Term:  My Community (Sense of self, Family, Exploring, Routines, Outside world)

Summer Term: My World (Nature, Culture, Space, Countries, Worldwide family)  

 There are termly wishes for each section, relevant for Explorers and Adventurers, available in the termly planning documents below.

1/2 termly topics  Based on the children’s interests at the time, with a corresponding book and nursery rhymes 

Weekly planning  Specific activities tailored to developing the children’s learning, based around 7 areas of learning; communication and language, physical development, personal social and emotional development, understanding the world, expressive art and design, literacy and maths.  

We use external guidance to support our assessments of children’s learning across these areas.  Here is a link to our guidance.